Check out Colin’s piece on to learn about what went into writing That’s That… and what a maddening and emotional process it turned out to be.

Hear Colin read an excerpt from That’s That at Lincoln Center

“What poverty is to ANGELA’S ASHES political turmoil is to THAT’S THAT, Colin Broderick’s stirring coming-of-age memoir of growing up Catholic in the North during the so-called Troubles.  Written with verve and raw honesty, the book is both a captivating saga of personal discovery and the  eye-opening story of how one boy experienced this shocking chapter in Irish history.” –Billy Collins, former Poet Laureate

“A Northern Irish gutbucket version of Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. Colin Broderick writes with clarity and heart about a time of moral ambiguity, when war and repression were daily facts of life.” —T. J. English, author of The Westies

“Broderick renders the conflict in the North of Ireland with an intimacy and honesty at once brutal, poignant, and unforgettable. Somehow, amid a landscape of ancient hatreds and unblinking cruelties, he manages to unearth the possibilities of hope and redemption. He is writer of extraordinary talent.” —Peter Quinn, author of Looking for Jimmy and Hour of the Cat

“Colin Broderick is in the front rank of Irish storytellers… I exhort you to read Thats That, and obviously, that is that.”  Malachy McCourt



Available 5/7/2013
Broadway Paperbacks